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The term obsessive-compulsive disorder, I believe we are not unfamiliar, but now people are also suffering from this disease are numerous. Because Virgo's perfectionism and carp population, they are often considered to be obsessive-compulsive disorder, the best voice, many people took advantage of the characteristics of obsessive Virgo, on various network Virgo black suit. But they do not realize that to yourself to become perfect enough to allow them to pick is not the only way to rectification Virgo go wrong.

2015 Christmas gift Smart Scooter, from design to material selection, until the completion of the final product, are demanding details, not a flaw, even Virgo also impossible to escape any problems, face Smart Scooter, their obsessive-compulsive disorder and heal.

First, from the appearance, the Virgo people are generally more or less, some a little older, a variety of colorful colors would certainly make them feel bored. Smart Scooter mainly in matte silver and black, the colors simple and clean, but only these two colors and it looks a bit too monotonous and boring, so right again in between some lively little warm orange as decoration, just right embellishment and will not make the vehicle too fancy, even if Virgo can accept.

For Virgo, all aspects are to be perfect, and even the riding position is no exception, uncomfortable how can be called perfect? ​​So, Smart Scooter riding position to solve the issue amount from two aspects. First, the operating lever, Smart Scooter operating lever is adjustable, different people according to their height can be adjusted to the most comfortable height, in order to have the most comfortable ride attitude; the second is the pedal, the traditional scooters are the feet staggered around the side stand, so awkward posture Virgo certainly can not tolerate, and Z3 is using a parallel front legs standing ergonomic way to make riding more comfortable, but also to meet the Virgo on the perfect demanding.

Vehicle halfway out of power failure is also a big problem, if not a Virgo is also difficult to accept. The Smart Scooter using the battery pack on the way home, the battery pack can effectively prevent water, to adapt to all kinds of weather conditions; while the battery pack is set also facilitate battery replacement, just a few seconds of the battery can be replaced without electricity, achieve perfect life. Without worrying about the emergence of various failures.

About the size of this thing, naturally can not escape the scope of Virgo, the vehicle is too big of course give rise to their dislike. Christmas deal smart electric scooters Z3 has a comprehensive range of multi-folding system, it can freely zoom, and only 11.8kg, really compact and lightweight, even Virgo, also could not pick any problems.